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RoboSoft is a leading software submission application since 1999. Thousands of shareware vendors choose RoboSoft... here's why:

Try It Now! 30-day free trial version is available for download. We don't believe in crippled demos. Download a full-featured version of RoboSoft and use it to submit any number of products to all the download sites from our database. There are no functionality limitations and you are not limited on the number of products or sites. During the trial period, you get full access to our database and its updates. Moreover, RoboSoft won't stop working after 30 days. You may continue using it as your PAD Generator/Manager, to track your product listings, maintain your login info and generate reports. You only need to purchase a license if you wish to continue submitting your products with RoboSoft.

Buy It Now! Risk-Free. 60-day Unconditional Moneyback Guarantee.

Proven Quality. Excellent Reputation. The authors of RoboSoft are members of ASP, OISV, ISDEF, SWRUS and other shareware organizations and communities.

RoboSoft supports fully automated submissions. This means that you click a button and go have your coffee while RoboSoft submits your software product to several hundred download sites.
RoboSoft supports download sites that require an author account. RoboSoft always searches for your existing account first. If an account is found, RoboSoft will try to request your login info to e-mail. Otherwise it will create a new author account and use it to submit your products. If you have a list of your existing accounts, you can enter it into RoboSoft prior to starting the submission process.
RoboSoft's database of download sites contains more than a thousand titles. There are no "dead" sites and obsolete templates. The database is supported by a large developer community and is updated daily. See the database stats.
Each time you start the automatic submission wizard, RoboSoft checks the program version and the database updates available. RoboSoft automatically downloads updated site templates and submission scripts and offers you any program updates as needed. This ensures that you always have the latest build of RoboSoft and an up-to-date database snapshot.

Traditional submission robots are unsafe. They continue to use old templates even if sites change. They guess proper categories on sites. They ignore warnings on submitting incorrect data, etc. This may result in putting your product and company names, your domain names, IP addresses and other info into blacklists on download sites. You will submit your products again and again but they will never appear on these sites. And you will never know why your submissions go directly to the trash.

RoboSoft is not a traditional submission robot. The program uses unique technology. Each submission script is a complex program that covers all aspects of processing a specific site. RoboSoft checks its every step with its "receptors". Receptors tell if a form was changed or something happened on the site during the submission process. RoboSoft knows how to find product listings, how to find accounts, how to create accounts, how to submit products, how to update product listings at each download site.

There is no need for RoboSoft to guess the proper categories on sites. This could cause in some cases incorrectly selected categories on hundreds of sites. RoboSoft stores a category tree for each download site. Each node of all category trees is mapped against the standard PAD category values. The user is presented with a list of categories automatically selected for each site before submission starts. You can review this selection and tune it up if needed.

RoboSoft does its best to prevent duplicate product listings and duplicate author accounts on download sites. RoboSoft accurately updates existing listings of your product if any.

RoboSoft includes a batch download site search system. It can automatically search download sites for your product listings, extract version and other info from listings and generate comprehensive reports.
RoboSoft includes an advanced PAD generator and manager. How does it differ from other PAD generators? Other PAD generators normally just implement the PAD specification. They don't care about download sites. For example, if there is a newer PAD specification version that is not yet supported by most of the download sites, they will use this version anyway. RoboSoft generates PAD files that are tuned-up to give you maximum results when submitting your product info to download sites. Every day hundreds of products are submitted using RoboSoft. Every problem and every successful attempt is logged by our server. This is how we know what works best at any particular moment of time.
RoboSoft was the first application to produce Unicode PAD files. Later, UTF8 has been made the default encoding for PAD files. You can create valid multilingual PAD files using RoboSoft.
With RoboSoft, you don't have to manually check if there are any changes in the PAD Specification and the third party PAD extensions that you are using. RoboSoft will let you know if you need to upgrade and will automatically install the most recent versions of popular PAD Extensions.
RSS Feed aggregation is one of the newest and very effective ways of promoting your site and products. If you don't have an RSS Feed, we recommend that you create one (there are dozens of free blog engines available that produce RSS Feeds). RoboSoft includes an extension that allows you to enter information about your RSS Feed. RoboSoft will then submit it to the main RSS Feed directories. Make news of your own with RoboSoft!
Today, because of the SPAM problem, sending out your press-releases to magazine editors via e-mail is much less effective than in the past. Journalists prefer to search specialized repositories for new content rather than open their mailboxes to spammers. Just fill out the press-release section in the RoboSoft Profile Manager and RoboSoft will make sure that your press-release is available from the main press-release repositories.
There are sites that still accept submissions via e-mail. On some sites, you need to send an e-mail containing your product ID to request a listing change. RoboSoft automatically generates e-mail containing the required information and has mechanisms to send them out. RoboSoft supports several ways of sending e-mails: by creating MSG files, via MAPI and direct connection to SMTP servers using a built-in SMTP client.
"CAPTCHA" (completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart) is a technique used by a computer to tell if it is interacting with a human or another computer. CAPTCHA's are commonly used today to prevent spammers from using submission forms. You are presented with an image contained distorted word or digits on a distorted background. RoboSoft includes its own effective anti-spam mechanisms. The program is simply useless for spammers. We don't think that CAPTCHA's on download sites are intended to stop *you*, a shareware vendor from submitting your products. RoboSoft uses its artificial intelligence to automatically recognize CAPTCHA's and prove that it is not a robot. At the end of the submission process, RoboSoft will present you with several images that might not be recognized. You can help, if you wish, by recognizing any letters and symbols that RoboSoft might have had trouble with.
Currently, RoboSoft is the only submission program that supports the DynamicPAD technology. DynamicPAD technology gives you full control over the information that you distribute via a PAD file on your site. It also allows you to have separate distributives for each language group, for each operating system and even for each particular site. See the DynamicPAD site for more info.
RoboSoft can automatically submit your product to more than 600 sites (the actual number of sites may differ depending on your product genre and license type). This is more than for a typical shareware application. But there are a few cases when advanced RoboSoft users prefer the semi-automatic (interactive) mode to the fully automated submissions. You may want to see on your own how the submission process looks like for some VIP sites. You may be interested in the promotion opportunities they offer and you may want to make sure that you follow their submission guidelines exactly. There are also some sites that cannot be processed automatically. They either explicitly prohibit automatic submissions or want you to visit their sites personally in order to submit your app. Semi-automatic mode doesn't mean that you have to manually open links and fill out submission forms. RoboSoft knows where to go and automatically fills out all web forms for you. You just need to select a site in the list and click the "Submit" button.
RoboSoft includes a built-in download site template editor. This means that you can add sites to your local database and create submission templates. Sometimes, RoboSoft users use the program to submit information about their sites and products to the places that they, for some reason, wouldn't like to see in the global RoboSoft database.
If you ordered a promotion campaign from, you can, at any time, request your data (author accounts, information about existing listings and submission attempts, etc.) to be converted into RoboSoft format. This allows you to import this data into RoboSoft and keep submitting version updates on your own. And vice versa: you can send your RoboSoft data files to when you order a promotion campaign from them. If you are new to mass submissions, we recommend that you order a promotion campaign from prior to using RoboSoft. Live submission managers will help you optimize your PAD file for best results and make sure that your product is properly submitted to all possible download sites.
During 8 years of continuous development we processed a huge number of feature requests and implemented numerous functions. If you believe that something is not working as expected or something is absent in RoboSoft, don't hesitate to inquire. Normally, this is just a problem with the help file.
Despite all its complexity, RoboSoft has a clean and intuitive interface. You can install the program, import or create a PAD file, click the "Auto" button and you will have your product accurately submitted to several hundred download sites. Happy submitting!