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RoboSoft database of download sites is a project supported by a large community of site contributors. The database is available on-line and is updated daily. It contains info about more than 800 download sites. There are no "dead links" or obsolete templates. Hundreds of software products are submitted every day using this database by shareware vendors and software submission services. All problems are logged and sent back to the server. Our developers are aware of the problems immediately. You can also use our bug-reporting system to suggest changes to the site templates.


Want to see the list of download sites? You can download the database for FREE! By applying for a trial account you receive a complete database snapshot and all database updates during the next 30 days. Download RoboSoft now and apply for a free 30 day database account!

Below you can see the real-time database statistics:

Download site database statistics  ( Thu, 13 Dec 2018 11:39:11 +0200 )

Sites total 2796
    Sites active 734
    Sites pending 0
    Sites disabled 2062
Contributors total 374
    Contributors active 63
    Contributors suspended 172
    Contributors pending 0
Bug reports total 916
    Bug reports open 588

By category:

Category Name Sites
General Shareware 2138
Web Directories 197
Freeware 81
Games 60
PDA 47
Press Release 45
News Feed Directories 26
Affiliates Only 25
Multimedia 25
Search Engines 19
Software Development 18
Web Development 17
Business 16
Mac 14
Screensavers 13
On-line Games 10
Servers and administration 10
Monitoring and Security 7
Software Registrars 6
*nix 5
Desktop Enchancements 4
Education 3
Graphics Software only 2
Messaging 2
Macromedia Flash 2
Android 1

By language:

Language Sites
English 2639
Russian 53
German 34
French 15
Spanish 14
Italian 12
Portuguese 8
Turkish 5
Romanian 3
Arabic 3
Polish 2
Danish 2
Czech 2
Serbian 1
Switzerland 1
Indonesian 1
Dutch 1