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Please see a quick tour through the RoboSoft features. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

Product Manager

Product Manager allows you to easily manage your Company and Products info, generate and modify PAD files.

RoboSoft produces valid XML files using its validating XML parser/generator. RoboSoft accurately modifies existing PAD files preserving third-party extensions and user-defined fields.

Product Editor

The Product Info editor is very similar to the PADGen interface. The Product Editor includes up-to-date versions of popular third-party PAD extensions.

The Product Editor uses Unicode-enabled controls allowing you to add descriptions in various languages.

Uploading PAD

The product's Built-in FTP client allows you to upload PAD XML files to your Web server with a single mouse click.

RoboSoft automatically remembers FTP account and path options for each product.

Automatic Submission Wizard :: Batch Search

Prior to submitting your product to download sites, RoboSoft searches them for existing listings of your product.

By parsing your product listings, RoboSoft extracts version numbers, id's, dates, download counters and other info.

Automatic Submission Wizard :: Targeting

The list of download sites is divided by categories. At this step of the Submission Wizard, you can target your submission. Normally, you select the "General Shareware" category (sites in this category accept products of any genre and license type) and a specific category for you product (such as audio software sites or sites for developers, etc.). You can also select the Press Release category. RoboSoft will submit your press-release to the major on-line Press Release archives. Select "Search Engines" to submit your site to the most important search engines. "NewsFeed Directories" allows you to promote your RSS Feed.

Automatic Submission Wizard :: Selecting Sites
At this step of the Automatic Submission Wizard, you can tune-up your selected download sites and categories where your product is going to be submitted.

You don't have to manually pick sites where the most recent version of your product was not yet submitted. RoboSoft will never submit the same version of your product to the same site and it will wait for two weeks before submitting a new version of your product to the same site. It is perfectly safe to select all the download sites at this step. The risk of being banned for spamming download sites is quite unlikely with RoboSoft.

Automatic Submission Wizard :: Submitting
This step RoboSoft users love the most. You click "Start" and watch the show. RoboSoft automatically processes download sites. No user interaction is needed. There is a small window in the top left corner that allows you to watch the process (web pages get opened, forms get filled in, buttons and links get clicked, etc.)

At he bottom you see the log window where RoboSoft outputs comments regarding each site. At the end of the submission process, you can save the log for later review.

Automatic Submission Wizard :: CAPTCHA
RoboSoft can automatically recognize most of the CAPTCHA images. But, there are normally some unrecognized CAPTCHA images that remain. RoboSoft presents you with an interface that allows you to enter the CAPTCHA's letters or digits manually.
Automatic Submission Wizard :: Report
Upon completion of the submission process, RoboSoft displays a Submission Report. Here you will find information about the sites where RoboSoft requested sending of your login info to an e-mail, and sites where RoboSoft encountered problems (and information about why this occurred.)
Downloading Database Updates
RoboSoft automatically polls the on-line database of download sites for available updates. Normally, the database gets updated from 10 to 100 times per day. Download site operators change their interfaces and submission procedures very often.
PAD Validator
The built-in PAD Validator ensures that download sites will not reject your submissions because of a malformed PAD file.
Checking SMTP Settings
RoboSoft uses a built-in SMTP client when submitting to the sites that accept submissions via e-mail or when requesting login info or account removal in some cases.
Exploring the list of Download Sites
The list of sites contains extensive information about each download site (links, form templates, search scripts, submission scripts, various properties: "language", "submission method", "affiliates only" and others.) RoboSoft connects the site records with the currently selected product status, versions listed/submitted for each site, login info, comments, search results and more. The Site List is highly configurable. You can select fonts, colors, columns to show, sorting and filtering methods, use in-place editors to manage login info, etc.
Site List :: Filters
Advanced filters allow you to filter the site list using many different parameters. You can save complex filters for future use. The "Custom Set" feature allows you to create a custom subset of the site list and give it a name.
Site List :: Customize the look
Choose your colors, fonts for the RoboSoft site list viewer. In addition, the program includes several graphic themes to choose from for your eyes comfort.
Hotkey Editor
Define hotkeys for the RoboSoft actions that you use the most.
Semi-Automatic Submission Mode
Some sites cannot be completely automated. You may also want to personally visit the VIP sites. This is what the semi-automatic submission mode is used for. RoboSoft navigates to the proper places, finds your product listings (you see a listing highlighted by RoboSoft on the screenshot), fills out forms automatically and more. But you have full control over the process and each step. Note the multi-functional side panel on each screenshot. In this case, it is used to quickly switch between product profiles. This saves you a lot of time when you submit several products simultaneously. This panel can also show the site list, comments from site contributors, your own notes and more.
Site Editor
RoboSoft includes tools that allow you to Add/Edit the records of the Download Site Database. You can contribute sites to the on-line database or create your very own database of sites.
Form Template Editor
RoboSoft also includes tools to manage and edit web form templates. There are built-in utilities for capturing form output and automatically creating templates.